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Safety Policy

Safety Policy

Our Safety Policy

To ensure your comfort and safety, please observe the following DOs and DON'Ts at the airfield:

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What to DO at the airfield

  • Ask questions, your instructor will be happy to answer them
  • Wear sensible shoes and clothing
  • Switch off your mobile 'phone
  • Remove and sharp or loose objects from your pockets
  • Wait to be escorted to the aircraft
  • Avoid the propellor at all times, even when stopped
  • Assist your instructor in the air by keeping a good lookout for other aircraft
  • Avoid embarrassment and say if you start to feel unwell

What NOT to do at the airfield

  • Smoke in or near the aircraft
  • Fly if you have a cold or are unwell
  • Fly if you have consumed alcohol
  • Distract your instructor if he/she is obviously busy
  • Interfere with the controls without the explicit permission of your instructor

What else do I need to know?

  • A camera may be carried provided that a wrist-strap secures it
  • Any bags should be left with your companions or at reception
  • Your instructor will explain the operation of seats, harnesses and doors
  • In the event of an emergency please vacate the aircraft to the rear and continue to a safe distance
  • Should you have any queries regarding these briefing notes, our reception staff and your instructor will be happy to clarify

Have a fantastic flight. It will be an unforgettable experience!

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Customer Comments

"I took my first flight ever in a light aircraft today. I have to say, it was a truly fantastic experience. I enjoyed great views of the southeast countryside and felt very safe with such a professional pilot at the controls. Thank you!"
John, Sevenoaks

"We wanted to celebrate our tenth year in business. So I took my key staff out for a flight over London. The staff at Flying Presents and our pilot made it a day to remember for everyone. We will never forget it!"
William, Chelmsford

"My wife booked the 'Ultimate Double' last month for my birthday. I loved having the trial flying lesson, and afterwards I really had the thrill of a lifetime flying an aerobatic flight too. All we can say is...WOW!"
Roger & Alison, London

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Safety Policy
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